“Planned Play for Everyday!” – bambooh


Over 80 hands-on activities per month promoting quality family time as child and parent play and grow together.


More than 20 flashcards per week for the letters, numbers, shapes, colours and more. Never buy expensive flashcards again!


High resolution themed posters for you to print out to up to A3 size, all included in your bambooh subscription.


Brand new, bambooh made, themed rhymes to learn and listen to. Download and print the sheet or listen to an audio recording, you decide.


Fun, themed stories help grow their imagination! Print out to read for bed time or listen to the audio recording.


bambooh made, brand new theme based songs. Learning through play and song can’t get better than bambooh!

Taste of bambooh Content…

Why bambooh Content?

Because daily play is an important part of your child’s development and with bambooh your child will be exposed to Mental, Creative, Physical and Social Play every day (or whenever you need it)! Join our family for as little as £ 8.99 per month (or around $12.99) and you will have access to over 80 fun activities, 4 brand new songs, 4 stories, 4 rhymes, 16+ flashcards and more every month!

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“Adults are obsolete children.”- Dr Seuss

More for less

Thousands of families are joining and growing with bambooh! They are joining because it brings a planned, comprehensive early years development program to the touch of a finger at a fraction of the cost of todays high cost of raising a child.

Our families are receiving high quality content because all our content is bases on 35 years of hands-on, qualified early years development – can your child afford to fall behind her peers? When you sign up with bambooh you and your toddler will have access to a planned program that will prepare your child for big school and later life.

bambooh – “Learn together, play forever!

Activities and Play for Everyday!

More than 20 activities per week!

For your subscription, you will receive at least 4 activities per weekday where you and your child will put pencil to paper, tear and snip, glue and glitter and sculpt and build. We take you through the four important elements of development, Mental, Creative, Physical and Social Play.

But we know you are busy and time is a rare commodity, and that is why our activities have been designed to take no longer that 30-40 mins each day – or a load of washing.


Development never stops…

Your child’s development NEVER stops and with flash cards you will supercharge your child’s development all through the day! Our flashcards cover everything from the theme basic concepts to maths, comparisons, life skills and more.

Simply download the flash cards and mini poster provided in your weekly download pack, print them out and put them up all over the house. Now you’re developing your child all through the day while you go about your day.


Handmade for you…

Our rhymes and stories are handmade especially for our bambooh Families. They feature our amazing character Bam, Booh, and Andrew. Each theme will have a rhyme and story that can be downloaded, printed out and read out by yourself or you can listen to recordings of our rhymes and stories read by an international, professional actress.


Sing along with us!

Yes, we produce our own songs and when you subscribe you’ll have access to our fun and exciting bambooh songs. Our songs are produced together with our weekly themed activities so every song will reinforce the development of your child as she or he plays through the day


Our bambooh Family is Growing by the day!

Our goal is for our early years development content to reach and grow as many young families as possible all over the world. We would love for you to join and support us as we work to bring every young family worldwide the opportunity to learn, play and grow together.

bambooh Families
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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

All elements of play

Mental Play

Mental Play focuses on Letters and Numbers primarily. It is important for your child from an early age to be exposed, through play, to letter and number recognition from an early age every day.

Creative Play

Creative Play is where things will get messy, and we love it! Get out the paint and glitter, Creative Play will introduce colours and shapes to your child in the fun and engaging ways while at the same time developing their senses.

Physical Play

Move Move Move! Experts everywhere agree, our children must move more, a lot more – at least 3 hours a day. Through our Physical Play activities, and activity logs you will get your family moving a little bit more each day.

Social Play

Social Play is for the whole family, in fact, get a bambooh friend over and play together! With technology consuming such as large part of our social interaction, it’s important to find a balance and develop human interaction.

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